Armstrong Alcohol and drug recovery – Clinician Information

Certified Addiction Counselor Al ArmstrongJames Al Armstrong, BS, CDP, NCACII, SAP

better known as Al, is a National Certified Addiction Counsellor, Level II and U.S. DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Al has 30 years of experience working with Alcohol and Drug Offenders and is qualified to practice Coast to Coast.


Al Armstrong worked as an addictions counselor with me for three month at the Oregon City branch Office for Network behavioral Healthcare Inc., Project Stop. He successfully ran an exploration group for men and women. Al was then transferred to the St. John’s office to manage the branch in N.E. Portland. Al is a competent, empathic counselor and is a good team player. He bonds Well with clients and his sense of humour is an asset.

 Candise C. Nikes, BA, CADCI / Network Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.

Mr. Armstrong was employed as a counselor at Allied Health Services for Drug Recovery, Inc. During his employment he served as a clinical supervisor for the counseling staff. I recommend Mr. Armstrong as a reliable, competent chemical dependency professional. He showed initiative and a great deal of responsibility during his employment here.

Marva Graham, M.D/Allied Health Services for Drug Recovery Inc.

Alcohol and drug recovery is my special skill. Please contact AADR.CO below.