James (Al) Armstrong, SAP Evaluation, Kent Washington 98030

James Al Armstrong, who is also the owner of Armstrong Alcohol and Drug Recovery.  Do not get confused that a U.S. DOT SAP is a independent person who meets U.S. DOT SAP qualifications  under the regulations of DOT alcohol and drug Federal rules.  James Al Armstrong is that person to contact if you tested positive under DOT regulations and need to get back to work or get your CDL back. Call (206)575-1958 or go to www.aadr.co.

Armstrong Alcohol and Drug Recovery is a Outpatient Washington State Certified Alcohol and Drug program for court ordered alcohol/drug evaluations, DUI evaluations, Domestic violent cases including alcohol and drugs, Probation alcohol and drug issues.

James Al Armstrong has 30 years experience working with alcohol and drug offenders.