U.S. DOT SAP Assessment-Victoria, Vancouver BC

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will increase not only the business with Canada and the State of Washington, but will also increase the transportation with the trucking industry/maritime and airlines carrying products/goods.  Companies from Canada will need to comply with the U.S. DOT Alcohol and Drug Testing Requirements when crossing the border to Washington State. Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) like James (Al) Armstrong, with 11 plus years as a qualified U.S. DOT SAP, and 30 plus years in the substance abuse field performing substance use disorder assessment/evaluations is important to know.  Need to get your CDL back, return to work under U.S. DOT requirements for maritime workers and aviation workers if positive/refusal under U.S. DOT alcohol and drug rules will need to get a SAP assessment/evaluation.

Canada companies working in the U.S. who can help?

SAE- No.

U.S. DOT SAP- Yes. (Substance Abuse Professional “SAP” ).

You can fly into the SeaTac International Airport as James (Al) Armstrong’s office is 10 minutes away from the airport.  Also checkout surrounding areas like: Calgary Canada, Nelson Canada, Alberta Canada, Sumas Canada, Surrey Canada, Vancouver BC Canada & Victoria Canada.