US DOT SAP Evaluations

US DOT SAP Evaluations


A (SAP) is a Substance Abuse Professional who evaluates employees who fail Department of  Transportation (DOT) alcohol, and or, drug tests. A Substance Abuse Professional plays a significant role in helping employee’s return to work, by providing an initial SAP evaluation and a follow up SAP evaluation.

SAP, like James (AL) Armstrong, have specific qualifications/training to perform SAP evaluations. Yet, many Chemical Dependency Professionals (CDP) in Washington State are unfamiliar with SAP evaluations.  Therefore, if you are in need of a SAP evaluation, make sure your CDP is SAP qualified.


A SAP must understand alcohol and drug regulations in these six industries:

  • FAA: oversees civil aviation, commercial aircraft, shuttle and private planes.
  • FMCSA: oversees truck and buses.
  • FRA: oversees railroads.
  • FTA: oversees public transportation, subways, light rail, all rail transportation, and people movers.
  • PHMSA: oversees shipments of hazardous materials and energy transported by pipelines.

*  USCG: oversees ports and waterways.

James (Al) Armstrong is a nationally qualified SAP  who understands DOT procedures of the work place drug and alcohol testing programs, under 49 C.F.R. 40.

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